• The Cebu Educational Development Foundation for Information Technology or CEDF-IT is a consortium of industry, academe, government and NGO's that seeks to increase the quantity and improve the quality of professionals in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and IT-Enabled Services Industry.

  • "The Pioneer ICT Council of the Philippines"

  • "A founding convenor of the NICP"

  • "We are the VITAL LINK in the IT/BPM Industry in Cebu"

  • Cebu City: Top 8 in Tholon's Global Outsourcing Destinations

Flagship Programs

IT Teachers Academy

The CEDF-IT IT Teachers Academy is envisioned to serve as the venue, means, and catalyst for promoting and sustaining the culture of excellence in IT teaching learning, from within and through CEDF-IT consortium members.

Professional Certification And Training Center

The CEDF-IT Professional Certification and Training Center is a credible body that ensures quality and competence in the practice of ICT, responsive to the needs of local and global industry.

HR Survey And Monitoring

The objective of the project is to generate and make available set of credible baseline data on the supply side on the market chain, i.e., Cebu as a "supplier" of IT skills for the local, national, and international ICT industry for use in the HR planning, development, and implementation of CEDF-IT programs directly affecting the marketing of IT skills, curriculum development, and teacher training.

R & D Institutionalization Unit

The long-term goal of the project is to help ensure that the universities serving Cebu employers have ICT R & D capabilities commensurate with the size and potential of Cebu's ICT industry. The medium terms objectives is to train an R & D team that will spearhead the creation of an R & D Center initially in one of CEDF-IT member schools, and to establish an R & D Institutionalization Unit within CEDF-IT that would "mentor", facilitate, oversee, and monitor the establishment of aforesaid university-based R & D Center.

Quality Assurance in IT Education

There is a need for an "objective set of criteria by which to judge that indeed quality IT education takes place, is sustained and can be assured" in an educational institution. This project aims to provide such criteria and provide the means to assess an educational institution's quality of education.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub

The long-term goal of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub is for the local Cebuano ICT entrepreneur to have a venue for developing, testing, and in some cases, commercializing their ideas and innovations. It is envisioned as an impetus for creativity, encourage R&D, and attract venture capitalists to invest in Cebuano innovations.

Cebu as a Global IT Education Hub

To be a focused ICT Hub, it is vital for Cebu to sustain the quality and quantity of its human resources. Cebu shall thus advance itself as a Global IT Education Hub - with CEDF-IT providing the strategic and logistical support for the marketing of IT schools abroad and the provision of relevant services (visa facilitation, application and enrollment, housing and leisure needs,tc.) to facilitate the studies of foreign students in Cebu.

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