• The Cebu Educational Development Foundation for Information Technology or CEDF-IT is a consortium of industry, academe, government and NGO's that seeks to increase the quantity and improve the quality of professionals in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and IT-Enabled Services Industry.

  • "The Pioneer ICT Council of the Philippines"

  • "A founding convenor of the NICP"

  • "We are the VITAL LINK in the IT/BPM Industry in Cebu"

  • Cebu City: Top 8 in Tholon's Global Outsourcing Destinations



The establishment of the Cebu Educational Development Foundation for Information Technology (CEDF-IT) is an important result of the first Cebu IT Summit held last March 29-30, 2001. The Cebu IT Summit has identified the need to enhance the quality and quantity of human resources in the IT industry. CEDF-IT is the response to this challenge by the major players in the industry, the academe, and government and NGOs.

Vision Mission

Our updated vision/mission is for Cebu's sustainable growth towards higher value services through proactive intervention in talent development and assessment, strong academe-industry ecosystem inter-linkages, active support in industry development and promotions, and strategic collaborations and plans.

  1. To promote and support the development of IT education in the tertiary level and, therefore, the quality and quantity of graduates of IT courses, through:

    - A Faculty Development & Incentives Program that will upgrade the quality of IT instructors among its consortium member-schools.
    - A Student Scholarship Program that will give incentives to deserving students who may wish to pursue IT courses.

  2. To enhance IT education in the tertiary level by assisting consortium member-schools in curriculum development, improvement of equipment, facilities and technology, and other related concerns;

  3. To promote the early acquisition of relevant IT knowledge and skills in the primary and secondary school levels by assisting these schools integrate IT education within their curriculum;

  4. To assist in the promotion and provision of non-formal IT skills training through short-term certificate courses;

  5. To guarantee the efficient absorption of qualified IT graduates by industry through an employment mechanism set-up solely for this purpose; and,

  6. To serve as an advocacy group for the formulation of pertinent IT policies, beneficial national and local laws, and appropriate incentives program by the national and local governments.

Summary of Activities

See what CEDF-IT has accomplished every year:

Board of Trustees

Mr. Francis Monera Chairman
Mr. Gregg Victor Gabison President
Dean, College of ICCT, USJ-R
Ms. Elena Palacios Vice President
CEO & President, Lexmark
Ms. Moma Ortega Secretary
Dean, College of Computer Studies, UC-Banilad
Ms. Melanie De Ocampo Treasurer
Assistant Dean,Business & Economics, USC Main-Campus
Mr. Anthony Noel Trustee
AVP-External Affairs (VisMin)
Mr. Heiko Nitsche Trustee
President & CEO of Mercedes-Benz Group Services Philippines
Mr. Franklin Pasayloon Trustee
Senior Site Director, Sykes Asia, Inc.
Mr. Edwin Paul Trustee
Site Head, Tech Mahindra
Mr. Oliver San Juan Trustee
Site Head, QBE
Mr. John Gregory Escario Trustee
Vice-President for Administration, CIT-U


Mr. Wilfredo Sa-a Jr. Managing Director
Ms. Erma Duetes Accounting/Admin/Marketing Officer
Mr. John Michael Largo I.T. Admin/Membership Admin

See what CEDF-IT has accomplished every year

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